Annual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting Minutes for January 2014 are now posted.


November Board Meeting

The minutes for the November Board Meeting are now posted.


September Board Meeting

The minutes for the September Board Meeting are now posted.


July Board meeting

The minutes for the July Board meeting are now posted. In addition, the revised Rules and regulations for Racquet Club Village are now posted.


Tiny Triathlon and Annual Family Field Day

On Saturday, June 15th Park City recreation will sponsor a “Tiny Triathlon” in the park in front of the Racquet Club. On July 20th Park City Recreation will sponsor their second Annual Family Field Day. Here are links for info about the Triathlon and the Family Field Day


March Board Meeting

Minutes from the March Board meeting are now available for your reading pleasure


January Board Meeting and Annual Meeting Minutes

The January Board Meeting Minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes are now posted for your reading pleasure! Think Snow!



Minutes from the November board meeting are posted


Winter Preparation

The Park City winter season is upon us and we wanted to remind everyone of the danger of freezing pipes within your unit.  You need to ensure that your unit remains above 55 degrees and that someone is regularly checking that your furnace is still working.  PLEASE SHUT OFF THE MAIN WATER VALVE IN YOUR UNIT IF YOU WILL BE AWAY.
Also remember that you must not keep a hose attached to your hose bib outside and that these bibs should be protected from the cold with insulated covers.  If you have a spa service, please emphasize this to the company so that there will not be any accidents – the pipes burst when they freeze and flood your unit!!

If you have heat tape on your roof, PMA will be turning on the heat tape on November 1 and will shut it off on April 1.

If you do have an issue with your unit, such as broken pipes, flood, window issues, roof leaks or ice damns, please contact PMA immediately.  The HOA has insurance in place to cover these events but they can not cover events that are not reported to the HOA immediately.

If you have a property manager, please review the winterizing of your unit with them as soon as possible.  If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 435-645-7888


Board Minutes

The August/September board meeting minutes are now posted.